About the Hipster Homesteaders

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Looking to learn more about Hipster Homesteaders? Read on to discover what we're about and the team behind this project!

About Hipster Homesteaders


At its core, Hipster Homesteaders is a site to chronicle our cooking and other home-based activities. While these terms can be inherently at odds with each other at times, as hipsters generally follow new trends whereas homesteaders are often all about self-sufficiency from your own land, we look at things with a hybrid approach.

Our main goal in life is to have all the best things at our disposal (hipster) while striving to be as self-sufficient as we can on our little plot of land inside the city of Pittsburgh (homesteader). Whatever food we do not personally grow ourselves, we supplement via local farmer's markets, CSA subscriptions, buying bulk animals from local farms, or via bringing home with us from abroad when we travel.

As such, you never really know what we may be getting our hands into. One week we may be perfecting sourdough bread with our own starter, the next we may be fermenting Korean makgeolli or culturing koji. Another week we may be propagating fig trees for our hillside, the next we may be canning jam made with local fruits or tending to our beehives. We may be found recreating an obscure international recipe, running a 48-hour sous vide roast, or simply making an old school pie with lard we rendered ourselves.

We even have long-term projects in the works like terracing our hillside for more food cultivation and installing solar panels to go off the grid entirely!

While we may not be the flannel and skinny-jean wearing, soy-latte drinking hipsters you imagine when you hear the term, well, we are taking things to an entirely new level (albeit, perhaps without the aesthetic). So come down the rabbit hole with us on all of these topics and more at Hipster Homesteaders!

More About Jeremy and Angie

Hipster Homesteaders

We are, Jeremy and Angie, the duo behind Hipster Homesteaders, and our personal history certainly is as out-there as the scope of this site.

We met in college where we were both studying to be Chemical Engineers. Angie always had a love of cooking, but it really took off in earnest in grad school when she took baking as a fun elective. Jeremy went along for the ride eating most of Angie's creations, and his love of cooking started to grow from there.

During this time, Jeremy took off on a long-term trip around Asia for his travel blog, Living the Dream, and when Angie finished her PhD, we took a second trip around the world together for 1.5 years. Along the way, we learned how to make many of the world's best dishes via cooking classes in countries like Thailand, India, Peru, and more. Jeremy has now been to nearly 80 countries and Angie has been to over 60, with more being added every year.

Since then we have made a home base in Pittsburgh, PA (where we run a local city blog, Discover the Burgh) and have since gone down the rabbit hole on many more cooking activities that are featured on this site. In our spare time, we have pursued numerous WSET certifications in wine (Angie is Level 2, Jeremy finished WSET Diploma), learning guitar and mandolin, and hanging out with our crazy dog, Tamale!