Hipster Homesteaders Welcome to Hipster Homesteaders!

We are Jeremy and Angie, two food lovers based in Pittsburgh, PA, who are pursuing the modern homesteading movement with a twist. We embrace technology and modern cooking techniques coupled with traditional recipes, food preservation, home gardening, and more!

What You'll Find on Hipster Homesteaders

At its core, Hipster Homesteaders is our way of chronicling our unconventional home lifestyle.

In the kitchen, we pursue an array of cooking techniques that span classic preservation styles like pressure canning, fermenting, and jamming all the way to the use of modern technology like sous vide, dehydrators, molecular gastronomy, and more.

We ferment our own kombucha and Korean makgeolli, culture koji, roast coffee, bake sourdough bread, and so much more in any given week.

In our garden, we grow fruits and vegetables that can make their way into our dishes and jams, propagate wild fruit cuttings we find over the city, grow exotic fruit trees in pots, keep bees, and more.

All of this comes together as we do our best at urban homesteading on 0.13 acres in the heart of Pittsburgh!

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