Why You Should Have a Vacuum Sealer for Sous Vide

For water bath cooking with sous vide, you cannot, obviously, just put your food straight into the water unprotected. It must be placed into the water via a water-tight container, and popular options include freezer bags, vacuum bags, and even glass canning jars to name a few.

While each one of these has merit for its own unique reasons, odds are good you'll see recipes that recommend using zipper freezer bags or vacuum bags most often.

But what is the difference between the two? We wanted to it down a bit more in this one, as once we switched to using vacuum bags we never looked back!

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What Sous Vide Wattage is Best For You?

When you start shopping for a sous vide, you may quickly notice that companies have many different models out there.

While these models have an array of features you may want to consider, one element you will likely notice right away is the wattage rating. Much like a microwave, the wattage rating of your sous vide will be directly proportional to how fast it heats up your water bath.

But which wattage is best for you? Well, we dive deep into how the difference in wattage will impact the heating of your water bath in this one!

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How to Use the Water Displacement Method for Sous Vide

If you have opted to use freezer bags instead of vacuum bags for sous vide cooking, you have an extra step on your hands- getting the air out of the bag after you put your ingredients in it.

Air, much like most foods we cook in sous vide, makes bags float when they are in the water bath. As sous vide works best when our bags are surrounded by water at our ideal temperature setpoint, it is our job to get as much air out of the bags as possible to get the bag to sink (which is one reason why vacuum bags are so popular for this cooking method).

So, how do we do it? With the water displacement method. In this one, we share a step-by-step guide on how to do this.

Note: Only use freezer rated bags or vacuum bags when cooking with sous vide. Regular zipper bags, like sandwich bags, are not constructed well enough to withstand being submerged in water or at elevated temperatures. You can read more on why we recommend a vacuum sealer for sous vide cooking here.

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How Does Sous Vide Work? Science Behind Immersion Cooking

Sous vide is a pretty inventive cooking tool that we use on a weekly basis. You may have heard of sous vide being referred to as immersion cooking before, and you may know that it is heralded for its perfect temperature control, but have you ever really stopped to think “how does sous vide work”?

In this one, we want to break down how sous vide functions, dive into why it is perfect for cooking, and even share a few pitfalls as well.

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5 of the Best Foods to Sous Vide – Try These at Home

While there are very few limits on what you can cook in sous vide, some foods are inherently better than others.

In this guide, we wanted to share five of the best foods to sous vide that will often have significant improvements than in other cooking methods.

We hope you're hungry, because this one is going to make you drool!

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5 Sous Vide Accessories You May Want to Consider

It is generally rare to find a cooking product you can use without any accessories, and sous vide is no different. While you can get by cooking with sous vide in just a stockpot and freezer bags (two things you likely already have at home), there are a number of sous vide accessories out there which may catch your eye.

In this one, we wanted to discuss a few of the best products we personally use in tandem with our sous vide, share when and why you may want to consider them, and comment on cases when you may not, either!

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Crock Pot vs Sous Vide Slow Cooker – Which is Better?

As soon as you learn a bit about sous vide, you come to find out that the tool is a slow cooker. When we think of this kind of set-it-and-forget-it cooking, most people's minds go to the tried-and-true crock pot for slow cooking at home.

While it is true that both sous vide and crock pot use the power of time (specifically a large amount of time) to make delicious food, they each have their own sweet spots that make them useful in our homes.

In this one, we wanted to share some of the strengths and weaknesses of each as, if you're anything like us, you may find yourself wanting both! So let's jump into it with a crock pot vs sous vide breakdown!

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Sous Vide Roasts are a Game Changer for a Tough Cut of Meat

For years, whenever we bought partial pigs and cows from local farms and butchers, we always dreaded cooking the roasts. Perhaps it was bad childhood memories of overcooked roasts (a staple growing up, really), or perhaps that I'm simply partial to other cuts of meat. Either way, when I started stocking my own kitchen these were never a priority item I sought out to cook.

That is, until we got our sous vide.

Gone are the days of dried-out roasts that were burnt in the oven and now we can prep a roast the way we love it every single time. But to make these you're going to have to plan for a bit of time, as our roasts can take from 36-48 hours to cook to a perfect medium rare!

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